Rainbow Lotus Tower

We had a little leftover fish from an earlier night’s sushi party so we just threw it all together in the Sushi Tower mold to make a Rainbow Tower. It looked so nice we decided to garnish it up with some cucumbers and green onions.

Tower Ingredients & Layering


The inspiration for the Lotus came when we saw how nicely this tower sat on a bed of lemon slices. For that beautiful “Lotus” effect, place the tower on thoughtfully arranged lemon, lime, or orange slices. Cucumber or other fruits and vegetables can provide a different look each time you serve the Rainbow Lotus Tower.


Diced Cucumber, Sliced Cucumber, Green Onions, Lemon, Sesame Seeds

Special Instructions

We used Sea Bass, Salmon, and Tuna since that’s what we had in the refrigerator but really, any combination of fish or other seafood would work for this Tower. For best visual appeal, spend a few minutes thoughtfully layering your ingredients.




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