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All rights reserved. Su is Chair of Governors at St Stephens CE Primary School in Shepherds Bush and is a Governor and Chair of the Academic Committee at the Royal Ballet School. #StGeorge #StGeorgesDay, Today we welcome back our boys for what promises to be a busy and exciting , We pray that the #Easter message of love, hope and peace may touch the lives . His ambition was to modernise, to make the exclusive Berkshire school more progressive, more inclusive and more relevant, as he explained in an interview with the Guardian. '", "And actually," he continues, "someone wrote to me, a friend who lives in the US. Log in Forgotten your password? At its heart sits an independent boys' boarding school which leads a dynamic range of educational activities and an expanding network of educational partnerships. Sign up to have the short, sharp Spear's newsletter delivered to your inbox each week, The short, sharp email newsletter from Spears, she would like to see the BLM flag flying from the college gateway, Lessons from Rosenberg, the most expensive school in the world, Stonehage Fleming on 150 years of managing wealth. He has over 13 years of Project Management experience in such diverse domains as Banking, Retail, Manufacturing, and Hospitality. This list of distinguished Eton College alumni is loosely ordered by relevance, so the most recognizable celebrities who attended Eton College are at the top of the list. 65 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<9C4F116830C42145A16E95896BBCC61F>]/Index[39 53]/Info 38 0 R/Length 123/Prev 403442/Root 40 0 R/Size 92/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Eton College The school is headed by a provost, a vice-provost and a board of governors (known as fellows) who appoint the headmaster. Faculty & Staff Directory. "I knew it was an opportunity that so few black people get. Moberly Library's ever-evolving collections - both books and digital resources - directly support the curriculum and provide supplemental reading material for those who wish to dive . HSBC: A global firm with a family office focus, Harnessing connections with Standard Chartered, Imperium Group spreads its wings in Jersey, HNW News: Boriss costly mansion and Carols tax debate, The Bugatti Chiron makes the jump from supercar to hypercar, How an entrepreneur uses Instagram to help her Ukrainian homeland, Defuses Philip Grindell on helping security-conscious HNWs with cybercrime, Tycoon Calvin Lo on shaping financial legacies of the ultra-rich, World of Wealth: Guy Hands on why his new book was 17 years in the making, Senior Executive/SVP or Corporate VP or equivalent. Anna also holds a postgraduate qualification in Employment Law and is a chartered member of the CIPD. That heteronormativity I know from him and other Old Etonians who came out as gay subsequently was stifling, Randall says. In her free time, she enjoys spontaneous road trips, especially exploring hidden beach destinations of beautiful West Coast. She joined Eton in 2019, after 20 years at city law firms Herbert Smith and Denton Wilde Sapte and then as in-house counsel at the Rugby Football Union and the Lawn Tennis Association. On the personal side, Stas is a life-long health and fitness enthusiast, who can be found on the trails, biking, downhill skiing, working out at the gym. Until recently, he was a governor of a local state school in Slough, having previously been a governor of a boys boarding prep school. From 2007-2020 he was the House Master in Durnford House; in the summer of 2022 he was the House Master in Villiers House. But I am the one they have got.. Eton College offers a wide range of benefits, including an 11% employer contribution to your pension (with 4.9% employee contribution), Employee Assistance Programme, enhanced Maternity / Paternity scheme, free eyecare vouchers, a cycle to work scheme, subsidised lunches during term time, free access to the College's sport and leisure . We associate Eton with wealth, so it's the rich and famous alumni who get our attention. One of the dominant facts in English life during the past three-quarters of a century has been the decay of ability in the ruling class." Simon Henderson is aware of how Eton should fit in with the world beyond its walls, Bond said. He wrote the first two drafts of his debut novel Night Over Day Over Night at Eton, when he was 16: "The Eton library has the original draft, which I wrote by hand," he says. "That's what the architecture is for." A striking fact in One of Them is that Okwonga was not sent to Eton by a family hungry to give him a leg up: instead, he urged his mother to send him after seeing it on a TV documentary and visiting on a school trip. In particular, Stass passion for geographical and spatial analysis techniques in marketing and other business applications was born at the time the GIS industry started to emerge. If you navigate to another page without changing the settings below you consent to this. Janet joined Eton College in 2011. Being a part of the school requires an elite pedigree, intelligence, or both. His wife Annie is Project Lead for a healthcare charity supporting vulnerable people. Jeanette arrived at Eton in 1995 after completing her PGCE at York University. Supply Staff: Eton defines Supply staff as, persons supplied to the College by a business, on a long-term basis as a de-facto member of staff. What cannot be doubted is that Henderson has a strong educational and social vision, one that is undoubtedly more Roundhead than Cavalier, and which puts the demands of the future over the niceties of the past. Okwonga brought an Etonian level of ambition with him: his memoir shows how he took his costly education seriously, calculating that it was costing his mother 20 ($27.50) a day for him to be there. Yes, hes trying to make Eton a more tolerant, inclusive place and thats what most of the parents want.. Before submitting Ian Fleming took the traditional route to the school he was the son of an old Etonian army major but failed to perform academically and was removed from the school by his mother before he could fail to graduate. This month sees the publication of One of Them: An Eton College Memoir by writer, podcaster and musician Musa Okwonga. And if you liked this story,sign up for the weekly features newsletter, called The Essential List. It was so bizarre to him that a middle-class black boy could go to Eton.". In search of Etons general, total failures, The Spears Schools Index: Choosing the right school for your child, Alec is the editor-at-large of Spears, and "The problem," Paul Watkins tells BBC Culture, "is when you go to Eton, everything you do becomes a social commentary. 26 April, 2023, Posted on He was a House Master from January 2000 until the summer of 2013 and after that spent five years as Eton's Director of Admissions. One former beak I spoke to insisted that Henderson was committed to harnessing the schools power as an engine of social change. Off the clock, Ruby, a certified foodie, tries her hand whipping up new dishes for her family and friends to enjoy. Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management. "That was devastating," he says now, because "I was just someone who was an exception to the rule for a lot of people there." Prior to this, Chris was Head of Commercial at Bidwells, acting for Oxford and Cambridge Colleges ensuring performance of endowment and operational estates, and he worked on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus 330million first phase. It's hard to sum up a place like Eton without offending someone. The key challenge is to bring in reforms but also carry your key audiences with you., One former beak tells Spears: What you need to understand is that Eton is a really difficult school to run. Leading schools including Eton College, Alleyn's School, Hurstpierpoint College and Shrewsbury School are among many to make the shortlist.. Tom oversees not only the curriculum and academic departments but also learning support and the Tony Little Centre for Innovation and Research in Learning (CIRL); in addition he has overall responsibility for examinations (both internal and external) and the process of application to university. Worst were the friends who let him down: one "swatted aside" his concerns about feeling exposed and visible at Eton; this friend's father thought Okwonga was "an asset, like a spy, put there by the Ugandan government. In 2019, Tom oversaw the launch of the Thames Valley Learning Partnership, creating a foundation for collaborative and effective cross-sector relationships between local schools and students. Copyright 2023, Spear's Magazine. Its really an incredibly difficult job to do, and its particularly difficult because Simons predecessor Tony Little is generally regarded to have done the job extremely well. At Eton there are typically 50 boys in a boarding house, ten in each year group. Why should this be? Give today and create a lasting impact on the future. Invest in a passionate, learning community and make a meaningful difference in each students journey. An Old Etonian himself, he returned in 2016 as Etons first Director of Outreach and Partnership (and then Deputy Head). Paul read Maths at Exeter College, Oxford and stayed on to complete a PGCE before coming to Eton in 1993. This was followed by a move to London where she became Head of Geography at St Benedicts School and later a Housemistress at Haberdashers Askes Boys School. "The nobility in the pursuit of a goal," he tells BBC Culture, "not just the goal itself. According to an investigation byThe Sunday Times, the number of individualsat elite independent schoolspaid 100,000 or more has increasedby 25 per cent in just two years. The salaries dwarf the pay of state school teachers in England, which ranges from around 25,714 to 41,604 outside of London, excluding extra payments -for example, for teaching and learning responsibilities. (Writing about these attacks got Onyeama banned from returning to Eton until recently. (Waugh's mixed feelings about Eton may also have been coloured by the fact that his first wife, also called Evelyn, had an affair with an old Etonian. We wouldn't have a fellow like that at Eton. This week, Dr Luke Martin, a theology master at the school, resigned from his post in charge of the Perspectives course in protest against the dismissal and took issue with the promotion of a so-called progressive ideology at the school, which he likened to religious fundamentalism. "I was aware," he tells BBC Culture, "of what education gets you, wherever you go, even if you leave a country." He was a House Master from 2010-22 having done a variety of roles including Head of E Block and Master-in-Charge of the Field Game. Anna read History at Durham before taking a Masters in Human Resource Management at the London School of Economics. King's College is a constituent college of the University of Cambridge. The idea that what Etonians need to broaden their minds is a little bit more reinforcement of the benefits of patriarchal society theyre the embodiments of the benefits of patriarchal society, he declares. Limited spaces are available for the She studied psychology at UBC during which time she gained work experience as a lifeguard and first aid instructor. Anna joined Eton College as HR Director in 2017, having successfully practised HR for more than 15 years in both creative and corporate environments. The row began with the suspension and subsequent dismissal of Will Knowland, a popular English teacher, who has been accused of gross misconduct after he allegedly refused to remove a lecture video about gender roles from his personal YouTube channel. He recalls the example of an Eton contemporary who was the only boy to come out voluntarily as gay while at the school and who waited until his final year to do so because of the culture at the school. At its heart sits an independent boys boarding school which leads a dynamic range of educational activities and an expanding network of educational partnerships. The Lower Master deputises for the Head Master in his absence and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the School. Constituent. The Bursar leads the financial, administrative and support functions of the school and provides professional support for various activities that fall outside the day-to-day operations of the school including the Schools endowment and fundraising. The charitys primary purpose, determined from its Christian foundation in 1440, is to draw out the best of young peoples talents and to enable them to flourish and make a positive impact on others through the course of a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. In his 1941 essay The Lion and the Unicorn, he wrote that "probably the Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton, but the opening battles of all subsequent wars have been lost there. Read morehere. Anna leads Etons HR team and is responsible for overseeing people-related matters, including recruitment, professional development, and employee relations. This can be seen from the fact that, in one of its most famous rooms, you can find the bust of every student who has gone on to become prime minister.. Maria studied and worked in both Russia and North America, which gave her an opportunity to learn first-hand different business [] His wife, Becky, teaches at Lambrook School. Where Henderson has done very well is in his whole mental health agenda, around bursaries and opening up Eton to those who wouldnt have had the chance to have gone near it in past, says the peer, 66. She holds the following degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Accounting; a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and a Master of Business Administration. when she took up the post of Commercial and Finance Director at Ascot Racecourse where she was heavily involved in the development of the new 200 million grandstand. At Highgate School in London, the highest earner had a salary of 315,000. Ralph has also been heavily involved in coaching sports, especially cricket, rugby, hockey, Fives and football. It was removed from the school site and never shown to students, but it remains on his Knowland Knows YouTube channel, where its viewing figures have rocketed to more than 76,000. Thank you for your interest in our prorgams. At the heart of it, believes Knowland, is a feeling among teachers that the range of ideas that they are permitted to discuss either in the common room among [other] masters or [with] boys in boarding houses or in lessons has been progressively narrowing. By accepting cookies you can optimise your browsing experience. This sounds like another aspect of the emotional distance mentioned above. Janet Walker studied philosophy, politics and economics at Somerville College, Oxford and went on to a postgraduate course in Nice in politics and economics. Our admissions team representative will get in touch with you shortly. It was, he said, designed to make students aware of a different point of view to the current radical feminist orthodoxy, which insists that theres something fundamentally toxic about masculinity. Before submitting Revealed: Schools leaving the Teachers Pension Scheme, Pensions:Teachers face battle to save their pensions, News:One in 10 private schools leaves Teachers Pension Scheme. "I basically ran or joined every single society I could," he says. Few can have been more controversial than its present head, Simon Henderson. The charity's primary purpose, determined from its Christian foundation in 1440, is to draw out the best of young . You have got to get on the front foot and tell the story. Eton College, United Kingdom. Activate your account. ), The racism Okwonga experienced was secondary, but no less insidious for that. This site uses cookies. Last year, Eton Connect coordinated activities for over 5,400 state school pupils, with over 2,000 pupils continuing to visit our museums and collections each year. Justin has overall responsibility for Etons development operations including principal, major, annual, and legacy giving, donor relations, stewardship, events and communications. "We're delighted the Eton community recognises the importance of nature to everyone, & over the moon to be selected as 1 of Eton's charities. Does the reality match the stories told and the books written about the school that rules Britain? His classes are full of fun activities relevant to students day-to-day lives and learning goals, and, at the same time, he stimulates students growth by providing them with communicative tasks that challenge them to apply their newly acquired knowledge. That the book is still in print almost 30 years after publication shows the continued appetite for stories about Eton. She moved to Eton from St Pauls Girls School where she was Deputy Head Pastoral. We are the same age, give or take, but if he had any nostalgia for the education we received in the Eighties or Nineties (he was at Winchester College), he certainly didnt show it. Vaibhav (or Roy, as he is fondly known) is passionate about teaching, and most of his teaching experience involves working with adult and young-adult students from various socioeconomic strata of the society. And if ruthless coldness is a yardstick, what better fictional representative could Eton have than the greatest spy of the 20th Century, James Bond? Justin has also been responsible for the Friends of the Eton College Collections since 2008. This alone gives it a level of fame that is self-perpetuating. Please fill out below details. Nigerian ex-Eton pupil says he will return to accept racism apology Novelist Dillibe Onyeama wrote book about abuse received during time at elite school Contains language some readers may find. Catherine has overall responsibility for the Schools finance function. Kate Green, the shadow secretary of state for education, told The Sunday Times: While teachers across the state sector have seen their pay frozen, private schools, effectively subsidised by their charitable status, have increased senior leaders salaries by thousands [of pounds].. The worst pupils," he added, "provide a unique insight into the criminal mind." Knowland told the Telegraph that the video, entitled The Patriarchy Complex, was due to be shown as part of the schools Perspectives course, taken by older students to encourage critical thinking. We always encourage both staff and students to grow, learn . The school will also help set up a number of government-funded sixth form colleges in the North and Midlands, similar to the London Academy of Excellence in Stratford, east London, of which it is a partner (along with five other public schools). Cloud Users. Cobwebs needed brushing away, says Randall, 28. At the top end, Sir Daniel Moynihan, chief executive of the Harris Federation, earns over 500,000 per year, and otheracademy chief executivesearn between 200,000 and 300,000 a year. Scrape beneath the claim of a stifling monoculture that Knowland warned of and you reach the heart of the matter. In partnership with Star Academies, we intend to open selective state sixth form colleges in Middlesbrough, Dudley and Oldham. Her paper entitled, EPS: An Intercompany Comparison was among those awarded as best research in the 2009 Allied Academies Research Conference in Las Vegas, USA. And I think I've carried that my entire career, this sense of, 'I have to achieve something, I have to make my time worth it. "And my day was just full of bullet points, a checklist of things I had to do that day to earn it." An independent member to the Henley Colleges Finance & Resources Committee, Chris has served as trustee to charities including the Wokingham Waterside Centre and Sea Cadets. "So you develop this thing where you learn not to have that feud. Ruby is the Accounting Instructor. Karen read Law at Exeter University and is a solicitor. Georges education began with a focus on food and nutritional holding multiple diplomas from George Brown College, including Chef Training, Food and Nutrition, and Food and Beverage. Where I have publicly disagreed with him is in the realm of the woke agenda. Watkins, whose skin colour fitted in but who still found that others "slotted me into a file that said Foreigner", had been signed up for the school at the age of six months. Eton College is one of the most prestigious high schools in the world. Love books? He writes that "you had to have a coldness in yourself" to avoid being hurt. He talked about wellbeing, mental health and emotional intelligence. Facebook Twitter Instagram Vimeo Maura was born and raised in Vancouver BC. Paul oversees pastoral care at Eton College. His global experience in multiple client-facing roles has given him skills in Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Interpersonal Relationship Management, Business Communication, and Cross-cultural sensitivity. John Self looks at how it has captured writers' imaginations for decades. The challenge is, being daring or interesting exposes you to risk especially when you never know if your lesson is being recorded by pupils. The dispute was leapt upon by the press and framed by some as a battle for freedom of thought and expression at what many regard as the worlds most prestigious public school. A modern, forward-thinking school that embraces innovation and new opportunities to provide an outstanding, progressive and well-rounded education. And there has been a sharp rise in the number of private school teachers and leadersearning six-figure salaries over the past two years, findings suggest. When I got out into the world, nobody cared that I was writing books until those books got published." Do you have a question or two?Use our inquiry form to ask and we will respond with an answer as quickly as possible. The school, which has educated 20 future prime ministers including Boris Johnson and charges annual fees of 42,500, is said to be in meltdown, with complaints, petitions and open letters flying around, aided and abetted by detailed daily coverage in the Daily Telegraph. It was straightforward classic virtue signalling, which was demeaning., But, he adds: Eton, like the Conservative Party, wont survive unless it completely reappraises itself on a regular basis and moves with the times. Salary guide: 39,798 - 50,244 depending on experience . The Colleges approach to equality and diversity which it finally claimed I had breached has never been explained to staff, making it impossible to follow.. (Interestingly, Lord Bellingham admits the widening of the scholarships scheme is inspirational.). Paul oversees all our pastoral care for boys and so works closely with the Stephenson Centre for Wellbeing, the Health Centre, the Director of Safeguarding, the Director of SPHERE, the Director of Inclusion Education, the Head of Access, the Heads of Block as well as House Masters and Dames. He refers to the busts of old Etonian prime ministers in one room of the school and the risk of "revering power without context." If there are no suitable vacancies that match your criteria, please register your interest by clicking on the above link to create your CV/profile and receive relevant job alerts. John le Carr taught there for a year and described it as "a place of extremes" where "the English upper class can be seen at their best and worst. We want to create a much wider network with as many as 50 schools and youth clubs, particularly in disadvantaged areas, Henderson told The Times in a rare interview last year. Eton College has a rich and varied collection of records and photographs relating to its own history as well as areas of special interest including travel writing, theatrical history and World War One. Most of all, for him, it represents "England's fascination with itself.". Chris is responsible for the running and development of the estate, including 400 properties and 150 acres of sports pitches. Or take the case of Evelyn Waugh, the envious outside chronicler of the upper class, who probably wished he'd gone to Eton instead of the humbler Lancing College. Georges hospitality background includes over ten years of Food & Beverage experience and continues to support the management team at Fairmont Waterfronts ARC restaurant. As this parade of writers suggests, Eton has been a hothouse for literary development. Governance and management [ edit] As of 2022 the school governors [36] include: William Waldegrave, Baron Waldegrave of North Hill PC (Provost) Peter Mckee (Vice Provost) Professor Michael Proctor FRS FRAS FIMA She brings over 25 years of solid teaching experience along with 15 years of accounting practice to the team. Eton College. With over 15 years of business consulting, coaching, marketing, and research in various industry sectors, Maria has a particular interest in applying her professional knowledge in diverse cultural environments. For an interview with The Telegraph to mark his appointment, he wore a linen jacket and chinos and only put his tie on to be photographed. He adds: You cant just hide away as head master of Eton. Eton College, the prestigious British boarding school, is the alma mater of high-profile figures from Princes William and Harry, to author George Orwell, to actor Eddie Redmayne, to 20 UK prime ministers. He has also expressed doubt that exams are relevant for the real world. But like other totems of national discussion, Eton fits whatever your preconceptions desire: a fantasy of grandeur, or the itch of resentment against unearned privilege. 4. Against this background, Knowland tells me he believes his case shows that emotional safety is being prioritised over intellectual rigour and challenge at Eton alma mater, lets not forget, of 20 British prime ministers. Maria is a passionate art and animal lover. In a similar way, he believes the appointment of women to senior positions in the school is welcome and that, previously, female teachers had to be tough as nails to stay for long. Justin is married to Rachel and they have four children. Clerk and Legal Advisor to the Provost and Fellows. Whats more, even arch critics such as Lord Bellingham have softened their positions. More than 40 Eton teachers paid at least 100K a year. Ms. Susan Baccellieri . Currently, over 100 boys pay no fees at all. If you would like to comment on this story or anything else you have seen on BBC Culture, head over to ourFacebookpage or message us onTwitter. Maura is as at home abroad as in her beloved home base and believes home is wherever human connection is especially at 35,000 feet! It also speaks to what he calls "the funnel effect", where people who are "interpersonally really nice, really friendly can nonetheless go down a particular funnel where there's a lack of empathy for people who haven't had your lived experience." The school was founded by Henry VI in 1440, and is today the largest boys' boarding school in the UK. Henderson has also been criticised for the flying of the Pride flag from the college, and for an autocratic management style that is best encapsulated by the erection of a new office block for the schools leadership, nicknamed the tower of power. Before joining Eton, Alice was the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) for Kingston, Richmond, Windsor and Maidenhead. 14,862.85 - 16,704.87 per annum, Competitive in line with skills and experience, Posted on The campus resides majestically near the Olympic village and amidst the breathtaking beauty of Falls Creek. (modern). When asked by The Times if this was on his agenda, he said it was a debate for another day, but one former beak I spoke to assures me Henderson secretly disapproves of the Etons single-sex set-up. ", The novelist Ian Fleming gave James Bond a "brief and undistinguished" spell at the college (Credit: Getty). Few would be surprised if Henderson, who has four children including two girls, were not to give serious thought to making Eton co-ed. She/Her/Hers Teacher Mezzo C, Grade Level Lead . This year Eton College is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, and applicants must be willing to undergo child protection screening appropriate to the post, including, but not limited to, reference checks with past employers, an Enhanced Disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service (including Barred List information), an . houses for rent in sandfields port talbot, bill shankly testimonial,

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