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Later on, Linda tells Mick that they should keep the baby when he says he doesn't recognise her anymore and when Mick asks what is going on with her, Linda says she just panicked and she wanted what was best for them and thought a baby might ruin them. Linda passes out in the back of a van and when she wakes up hungover, she finds herself at an abandoned warehouse where Martin Fowler (James Bye) has been ordered by Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) to kill Keanu, in revenge for Keanu having an affair with and impregnating his stepmother, Sharon. She leaves and heads to Sharon's, much to Phil's annoyance and Mick and Elaine head over to Sharon's when Sharon texts Mick. Later, Johnny returns to Walford while Linda relocates with Elaine to Watford to aid her mother's recovery. In the pharmacy, Linda awkwardly picks up a pregnancy testing kit with other items and when she leaves, fear grips her as she notices Dean. Elaine is shocked and upset what Dean has done and Sharon tells Linda she must go to the police to get Dean arrested. Linda makes Stacey promise to let her deal with it in her own way as it is no longer about Dean, but her family. Later, Mick tells Linda that it's a shock Johnny is gay, but Linda says she knew and she feels it's her fault as Johnny nearly died when he was a baby and she'd never let anything hurt him, but she's protected him his whole life and she feels men will just hurt him as he is sensitive and too accepting. [3] As a child actress, she appeared in several different series' on British television in the late 1980s and the 1990s, including T-Bag and Maid Marian and Her Merry Men. After saving Janine, Mick rushes back into the sea to save Linda, unaware that she managed to escape the car. How old is Linda Carter in EastEnders? She kisses Max again and provides him with an alibi after Ian is attacked by an unknown assailant and left for dead. Upstairs when Linda is in the kitchen, Dean enters and tells Linda she is sick and asks if she was jealous as he and Stacey were genuinely happy and Linda felt she had to protect Stacey. "There you go, sweetheart, its some lovely wine that you save it for Christmas day." Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) returns to Walford for Tina's funeral, surprising Mick. Linda and Nancy decide to play Mick and Johnny at their own game by pretending Linda is ill, however, they soon realise that Linda knows and Linda is delighted to have Lee home. Bright won the 2014 Digital Spy's Readers Award for Best Female Soap Actress. Other storylines included Linda's turmoilous friendship with Sharon, which turned into a rivalry when she opened a rival bar, The Albert, in Walford; her plans to breed her dog, Lady Di, being scuppered when her daughter Nancy (Maddy Hill) lost control of her and she was impregnated by Abi Branning's (Lorna Fitzgerald) dog Tramp; and her turmoil over her eldest son, Lee (Danny Hatchard) being in the army, and her supporting him through the grief for a lost comrade on his return to England. Tina encourages Johnny to embrace his sexuality, inviting him to gay pride in London. She told OK! Mick pleads with Linda to come home, but Linda isn't sure and Mick tells her to let him know when she's made her decision. Sharon tells Linda that she and Mick have the strongest marriage, but Linda drops the bombshell that she and Mick aren't even married. He proclaims that there has been an accident, as the police and Keegan Baker walk in. Page Links: Linda notices the photo of her with Dean, Lauren and Whitney on the wall and she smashes the picture before rushing to the toilet and throws up. EastEnders ' Linda Carter could be faced with a shock discovery this week following her affair with Max Branning. Mick, Linda and Ollie later leave to live in Elaines pub as they fear Max will return, however a few weeks later, Mick and Ollie return to Walford alone without Linda. When Sharon suggests that Dean's advances towards Linda were encouraged, both drunk, they have a bitter row in the pub. Download 'Remember ' on iTunes. Linda rejects this offer, calling it unrealistic and telling her that her family will get their comeuppance. Status Save. However, Stacey grows suspicious, and when Linda unexpectedly gets scared when Dean is around, Stacey surmises that Dean raped her and confronts Linda. You're something else. Picture: BBC As for actress Kellie. In the bar, Shirley says that ignoring Johnny's sexuality isn't going to make it go away and it's permanent and Shirley tells Linda that she isn't surprised Johnny couldn't talk to her and he seemed desperate when she spoke to him and Linda tells Shirley that when it comes to her kids, she should back off. Linda and Mick are both delighted with Johnny when he has averaged a first in his grades and Mick gives him money to treat himself but they aren't happy when Johnny shows them a moped he bought. When Johnny reveals to Mick he is gay, Linda overhears and is devastated by the news. After she became pregnant with Lee Carter, it stopped. Mick talks to Linda about her decision and booking the clinic, but Linda has already booked the clinic and she doesn't want it and Mick asks if he has a choice in it. The storyline began in November 2019 playing a central part of the year's Christmas and New Year episodes. Rainie Cross, who is trying to get Max to return to the Square, becomes suspicious of Linda and threatens to tell Max that he has a baby on the way. Linda tells Sharon that she missed Mick when she was at her mum's, but seeing him again brought it all back and the fact he didn't think about what it would to do to them. The next day when Linda catches Shirley throwing away the pies, Shirley says the pies are off and the meat is dodgy and Linda samples a pie. In 2011, Bright did voicework for Nintendo and Monolith Soft's Xenoblade Chronicles as the medic Sharla. In the bathroom, Linda takes the pregnancy test whilst Mick loiters outside and when Linda emerges, she breaks to him that it was a false alarm and Mick finds it difficult to hide his disappointment. On New Year's Day 2016, Dean goes to the wedding venue and attempts to drown Shirley, jumping into the lake with her. Linda is horrified as she realises that Mick was sexually abused. However, EastEnders viewers think Janine will be caught out as the driver of the car after spotting a huge blunder in her plan - Linda's injuries will be consistent with a passenger as the seat belt would have left bruises on her body that . However, she agrees to marry Mick with his support. Dean, still convincing himself that Linda cheated on Mick with him, says it doesn't give her the right to ruin things for him and Linda orders him to get out. Dean tells Linda that he was out of order and he needs her to talk to Stacey to say what she said was a mistake. Dean tells Mick and Linda that it was Shirley and later, Dean is about to tell the police it was Shirley and he tells Mick that Shirley has gone. Other names Later that day, Phil visits the Carters and offers them The Queen Vic back. She says yes, but only if he fixes a spelling error on the bracelet in which he spelt "flamingo" "flamingoe". Character - Actor Character - Actor Character - Actor Character - Actor Character - Actor Character - Actor Character - Actor Character - Actor Character - Actor This episode was uploaded to BBC iPlayer at 6am but was still . Linda later drinks alcohol after being manipulated by Janine. She tells him it's that or nothing. Stacey then explains her encounter of being raped and then she tells Linda she knows how it feels because Dean raped her and Linda nods her head. Shirley later informs Linda of Shelley's actions however Linda refuses to confront Shelley or stop their 'friendship' as she wants to impress Shelley and Mieko much to the disgust of Shirley. Once they reach the dock with all the other passengers, Linda is devastated as she sees Dennis being declared dead by paramedics who failed to resuscitate him. Shirley then urges her to attend therapy for her alcoholism or face never seeing Ollie again. Mick later tells police he invited Whitney to the party as a distraction but does not reveal he knew about the murder. She tells the family she thinks Mick is guilty, throws away her wedding rings, and later throws the family out, then allows Stuart to move in, and calls a solicitor to begin divorce proceedings from Mick. Carol Jackson / . Menu. Later in bed, Mick and Linda kiss and when Mick starts to touch Linda, Linda begs him to stop and she breaks down in tears, saying she can't do it. Mick points out that she flinched when he touched her and Linda reassures Mick it's got nothing to do with him and Mick begs Linda for her to tell him whatever is bothering her. Dean then asks how many weeks Linda is again, but she again tells him that the baby isn't his. Tina reveals that he abused her and another person Dylan Box (Ricci Harnett) when they were teenagers, and she attacks him. On Nancy's birthday, Linda says they are going to have a nice family tea and Nancy thought she was joking and Linda asks Mick to back her up on it. Kellie Bright is better known for playing soap character Linda Carter on EastEnders since 2013, but away from Walford the talented actress enjoys an idyllic home life. Kellie is currently pregnant and recently hit out at trolls who criticised her for having a baby in her 40s. However, Linda is still tempted to drink and on the day of Denny's funeral, after an argument with Sharon, she does. He survives and they follow Linda's plan of staging Keanu's murder, with Martin disposing of the evidence and both of them keeping quiet. Lady Di She returned full-time on 7 August 2017. Linda supports Mick when he participates in a swimming gala for Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick), despite being fearful of water. Mick realises the real reason for Linda wanting to have another baby as she thinks that once the kids leave home, Mick would stop loving her or have an affair and Mick says it's ridiculous as he will always love her. 2013-2016: Rape ordeal, marrying Mick and giving birth to Ollie, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. She tells Mick she is sorry for sleeping with Max and almost taking Ollie away from him. She has been compared to original landlady Angie Watts (Anita Dobson) and Bright has said that she had based her portrayal of Linda on Angie.[2]. Occupation The renewal commences, and Linda fluffs her lines, however they eventually get through their vows and a party commences in the pub. Linda returns inside to continue her statement and she talks to PC Jenkins about the rape itself. Mick apologises for bringing up the subject of having a baby at the wrong time, but Linda says that she overreacted and it's fine. Mick and Linda hug and it is implied that they are now back together. Bright said about the storyline that she "hoped that Linda's journey would change viewers' perception of rape", Di Angelo claimed that although the storyline will be "challenging", it was massively "important". Fans will . In December 2013, Linda's sister in law, Tina Carter brings her sister Shirley Carter to a pub in Watford, which turns out to be Linda and Mick's. A seething Linda orders Shirley to collect her things and to be gone before she gets back. When Mick asks if Linda would want to have another child running around and to hold their baby again, Linda says no as she doesn't need a baby if he is never going to leave her as he is enough. When Linda's birthday surprise arrives, Mick asks Nancy to keep Linda distracted but Linda notices what her birthday surprise is when she looks out of the window, which is Lee, who has returned from Afghanistan. Luckily, Kellie had success with the final embryo, and the couple will welcome their baby in August 2021. Max doesn't listen which leads to Mick punching him. Mick pulls Linda to the side and says the trouble is with Johnny, not Dean and they should let Johnny spread his wings a bit, plus they'll have a baby to worry about soon. Linda was introduced as the wife of Mick Carter, played by Danny Dyer, the brother of established character Shirley Carter (Linda Henry), who has appeared in EastEnders since 2006. At The Albert, as it approaches 7pm for Linda's telephone consultation, she asks Mick if they can leave, using a headache as an excuse for them to leave and during the consultation, Linda says the reason she wants an abortion is because she loves Mick, however she is unsure if her baby is his and she can't give him a baby that might not be his. Linda sits in the bar with her coat and bag and when Mick arrives back with Nancy and Lee, she tells him that she wants to go now as she can't put it off another day and Mick gives her the car keys. In the living room, Linda notices the photo albums open and Mick tells her he couldn't resist looking at photos to remind him of how cute their children were when they were younger. EastEnders (TV Series 1985- ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The following morning, Linda is about to tell Mick about Dean raping her the night before, but Mick believes she is just hungover and Linda keeps it to herself. [23] When Dean returns to the pub after a short absence, Bright stated that Linda is horrified despite trying to move on. When she attempts to find solace in Sharon's home, Mick joins her, and she says they should not let what happened get in the way of their relationship. In a poll held by Digital Spy a month after the introduction of the Carters, Linda was the least popular, with 5.65% of the vote. Dean then asks Linda to be honest with him and he asks her would she be kind to him if she wasn't Mick's nephew and Linda says she would, but Dean breaks down, saying he wants to know if he's not wanted and Linda tries to reassure Dean that he is wanted. Linda loses custody of Annie as a result of Jada Lennox (Kelsey Calladine-Smith) setting her up after being forced by Janine but eventually, Linda gets Annie back. As Janine attempts to escape to evade justice, Linda and Mick follow Janine to Dover. Kellie Bright's character had a short lived romance with Max (Jake Wood) last. Linda then confronts Chantelle in the toilets of The Vic and accuses her of telling Mick, hurt at Linda's accusations, Chantelle tells Linda to leave her alone and storms off. She is released the next day and attacks Stuart. Linda tells Whitney to keep away from Mick and not to give up on Lee. Her on screen departure aired on 25 December 2016, before she returned to filming full-time in April 2017. Callum Highway's brother and Mick's longtime friend, Stuart Highway, arrives. Linda then walks in and also confronts Max for using Mick's trauma to his advantage. She attempts to befriend two women who are mothers of children that go to Ollie's school, Shelley and Mieko Yoshi. Shirley's estranged son Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) comes to Walford, and although he continues to share a troubled relationship with his mother, he is welcomed by Mick and Linda into the family. Kathy's Eurovision-themed birthday party is beset by drama, the new co-owner of The Vic makes their presence felt, and Sharon and Linda's friendship lies in tatters. Landlady/Barmaid Laundrette worker Waitress Businesswoman Linda reminds Lee that he's not on his own and he has her, Mick and Whitney and if he needs proper help, then they'll sort that and the next time he gets angry, he is to come and find her. Linda confronts a delusional Dean when he insists on meeting the baby, believing that Ollie is his son. Linda Carter was born on 1st July 1977, making her 43-years-old. After a heart-to-heart with Whitney, Linda decides to return to Elaine, which angers Mick as Linda saw the state he was in and left anyway. Mick reminds her that they were always going to make it proper one day and Linda questions whether he means if the last 25 years between them haven't been proper. Linda tells Mick that she slept with Max but Mick can't bring himself to do anything about it which makes Linda think he doesn't care. Paired with professional dancer Kevin Clifton, she was described by head judge Len Goodman as a "great all round dancer". Mick tells Linda he is innocent and she worries whether she did the right thing, though Mick reassures her. Linda initially blames Whitney and an argument ensues, causing Whitney to leave. However, he realises what she is doing and in the ensuing argument he leaves home. 4. Dev Griffin As this is happening, Mick walks into The Queen Vic and tells Max to stay away from Linda. Linda's decision sends shockwaves across Albert Square, Kim faces the music in court, and Lola's deteriorating health forces her hand at work. Stuart seeks revenge on the Carters and one night, Stuart is shot in The Queen Vic. Mick asks how many weeks pregnant she is and Linda admits to being around 7 weeks and Mick learns that Linda was planning to have an abortion. They intend to ask Mick for a loan but Linda rejects them as Mick is not around. Linda is devastated to learn that Elaine has had a stroke in Spain on Christmas Eve, and she flies out there with Johnny to support her mother. Classification At Sharon and Phil's wedding reception, Shirley reveals to everyone that she and Phil slept together the previous Friday. Mick and Linda encounter a problem when Mick realises they haven't got any beer and Tina says they are almost out of snacks and spirits. As well being the landlady of The Queen Vic, Linda's biggest storylines include being raped, giving birth to a premature baby and her secret battle with cervical cancer. [21], On 31 August 2014, it was announced that Dean would rape Linda. Mick talks to Linda about the other week when they thought she was pregnant and it keeps nagging away at him and he reveals to Linda that they should have a baby. We liked her already, but we love her now! After he attempts to rape her, Linda gets him to confess that Mick did not shoot him, but he is unaware that she has a second recording device in her hair. Although they were not officially married at this time, Linda and Mick lied to their family for years that they actually were. After making herself sick one day, she tells Mick she cannot get married. Shirley Carteris a fictional character from the BBCsoap opera EastEnders, played by Linda Henry. This is Henry's second role in EastEnders, as she previously played prostitute Lorraine Salter(1991-1992). This caused many arguments between mother and son. Shirley urges Linda to realize that she still loves Mick and that she should try to save her marriage. fetch! with ruff ruffman prizes, salt lake city to idaho falls road trip,

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