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timberdoodle co provides only the best homeschool products and homeschool curriculum. The logo structures are made by organization for speaking to their vision, innovation or nature of your item. It has art. There are 8 workbooks in their standard grade 1 secular curriculum. Timberdoodle, Bookshark and Shiller Math Purposeful Homeschool 2.65K subscribers Subscribe 9.6K views 5 years ago We pieced together several curriculum kits to come up with what we are going to. I do not care what anyone says (and I am not one to be afraid of mess), but this stuff got everywhere. They include programs among my current and upcoming Top Picks:Math-U-See, Saxon Math , Singapore Math, and RightStartMathematics. Hope that helps. And besides, I spent years trying to find a math program that worked for us, finally found it at the end of last year, and I am *not* giving it up! I have a friend who uses it and loves it. The actual teaching should take up to half an hour, depending on whether you would like your student to independently read science and history or you prefer to read that aloud. I'm reading that it's literature based and CM inspired, but it looks to me like it's not really literature-the website calls it "book based". For years, Sonlight touted their Christianity as a major selling point. The catalog virtually shouts that ordering from them will transform said book list into a magically wonderful experience unique to their company. Id have to supplement with Mathematical Reasoning, Math Mammoth, or even Math U See Primer. :confused1: Because you could buy or check out the books and simply read them. -So yes, money is an issue. I will need to combine my kids and I wonder if I can do that with Bookshark. Thanks for the discounts and products. (Language Arts/Reading, Math and Thinking Skills are our big three.) Rather than publishing their own resources, they select their favorites from hundreds of publishers. I do have to say that I think the brand name "Book Shark" is horrible. Math, science, and language arts are weak. Purchasing items as kits gives you significant savings over purchasing items individually. We truly do love yall. Usually I just supplement our school days, road trips and many hospital visits with a selection or two of products. Oh, I don't know. Here's what we have lined up for 4th grade for this coming school year. I do, however use Sonlight/Bookshark as a reading list. BookShark or SL would be triple that. But, I am long past needing K or first grade so it is not to be. Not ever choosing to do it. Theyre hands on, theyre self-correcting, theyre, well, not so beautiful, but for plastic keys, they really helped my kids want to work on math fact memorization. I do look at almost every boxed curriculum but more to find out which books they are using - and we have read plenty of them and enjoyed them, but I don't need to be told when to read what or given a guide about how to discuss a particular book. Its not like they come to your home and do it for you. That was so hands on that no way could I keep up. Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!, Visit Us on Instagram: @Cosmic_Montessori. I've lusted over the Sonlight booklists (other than the missionary stuff)and the thought of a giant box of books arriving is so appealing. I think the IG's should be where the heart of a curriculum is myself. To me, the value here would be the IGs.and then I read that thread I linked to earlier, and now I'm like..hmmm.Not So Much! I think I am probably going to end up picking and choosing from various companies for different subjects as well. It's very light and superficial. Any additional questions please reach out (especially on Instagram because I dont tend to get messages here or on Youtube always). I wouldn't expect just using any curriculum exactly as written to somehow result in my kids knowing how to think deeply, that comes from me teaching and modeling that, using the material as a jumping off point. I can't even follow a recipe. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255 "Guidelines Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. There is a huge emphasis on books and they are great books. Whats holding me back? Additional resources that are used change from level to level. By Its sort of a marvel. Build your Library would win out for literature alone, but it falls down on hands-on activities. 2. I dont know if its heresy to say well among the AMI-trained folks clearly it will be but I think Maria herself would have liked the Math Wrap Ups. Because my oldest has mild intellectual disability, I picked the 1st grade curriculum to give us a good starting point. Your link has been automatically embedded. We consider it one of the most important subjects, and the curriculum choices reflect that. Consequently, when Timberdoodle decided to assemble grade-level programs for preschool through high school, they included puzzles and other hands-on learning resources. Earth. It is presented as levels based on age ranges rather than grades: level Pre-K and levels A through J. I'm pretty sure most people on this board who are excited about a secular version of Sonlight do in fact realize that it's a secular version of Sonlight, and not something brand new :) Lots of people like the idea of Sonlight and the literature included, but don't want the religion. (I have a toddler as well.) I won't do the full curriculum, just the history IG. Shes at the right age for that program, too. We use cookies for performance, analytics and marketing. So no judgment. Paste as plain text instead, SoI looked at SL again this year, just like I do every year, and those are the reasons I ruled it out. I liked Story of the World a lot, but felt like it just moved way too fast. Timberdoodle's award-winning curriculum kits are suitable for grades 0-12 and packed with hands-on/STEM components. I need to know what we are doing next, open and go. He is barely starting to read, about the equivalent of a public school kindergarten child in their 3rd month of school. For me, I'm just not a schedule person. We've reviewed a few here. Sonlight comes with extensive documentation in the form of an Instructors Guide that tells you what to read and do each day, gives you extra notes to help you talk about any difficult subjects, suggests discussion questions to spur great conversations with your kids and helps you get the most from your books and timeline. They also have a 3-week sample available online. However, Sonlight includes a Bible portion in their curriculum, while Timberdoodle has opted not to. The Well-Trained Mind is the guide that millions of parents trust to help them create the best possible education for their child. This is the most obvious difference and has a huge impact on the price of each package. Timberdoodle has opted for a much simpler handbook which gives you an overview of each subject and how to schedule it, along with an annual planning schedule and a weekly checklist for your student, the reading challenge, and perhaps best of all, access to our online custom scheduler. Upload or insert images from URL. I taught it with every single discussion question exactly as they wrote it. :glare: All that to say, Bookshark DOES look appealing and I HAVE visited their site For the same reason I wouldn't use boxed SLit's too much/not enough. I did Timberdoodle with my oldest for two . It is a secular/faith-neutral curriculum. Join Janna and her guest Carol Simpson, an IDEA representative, as they discuss homeschooling options in Alaska and ways to make homeschooling, if not easy may be easier for you. # Type at least 3 character to search # Hit enter to search. I basically shunned the test booklets but then decided to be fair and have the kids give it a go. The runner up is Bookshark (going to first place if Peanut can write by June), and third place is Build Your Library tied with Five in a Row. Faith-free i.e. What an amazing curriculum! This is evident in the resources selected for the programs. John loves writing homeschool materials, and he is good at it. Most of the new programs we add are because of adding new elements or subjects. Well I can for sure keep Book Shark off my 'things to consider' list. As always, Id be delighted to help if you have any further questions. Welcome to the largest home education subreddit! Timberdoodle has a line of "classic" kits for all grade levels that have some religious content as well as a parallel option of non-religious kits. Join Janna as she chats with RightStart Math VP, Kathleen Cotter Clayton about a different way to understand, look at and teach fractions. I like to look around and find what is best for my particular student and I can't imagine I would find that from one publisher. So the fact that people are making all this hoopla over Bookshark.yet they wouldn't have looked at Sonlight do realize it is NOT a new curriculum, right? But, it also incorporates other methods. But this is a bizarre complaint to levy against a literature rich curriculum which used Landmark in grade 3. Yes, exactly. Timberdoodle anticipates that most students will complete their work in 2-4 hours a day (depending on their focus and reading speed, as well as whether youre opting for a 4- or 5-day school week). Rank in 1 month. Whether John and Sarita disagree on their religious beliefs inside their home and marriage, none of my businessbut when you approach me as a company, and that is what Sonlight does as they do major marketing, HUGE booths at conventionsthey are just everywhere homeschoolers are, so they ARE approaching me).when you do that, your company becomes my business. A box has never appealed to me. So Sonlight, which for years has advertised as Christians, and for years, said they would not back down from that POV.opens a spin-off company, acts like it's "this whole new thing that isnt' really related to us", and sells secular curriculumthat is just foul. Taking a closer look at their book lists shows us that there are other differences. I like the way he thinks. Last year however I was offered the chance to review a full curriculum at half price, so I jumped at the chance. At the K-2nd Grade level, the focus of our program is on developing and strengthening reading ability. legal effect of customary law marriage in nigeria. Money. Timberdoodle is one of the oldest distributors for the homeschool market, and they have always filled a unique niche with their emphasis on experiential learning using hands-on activities and games. More to the point, each grade has a fun reading challenge to complete that may be as rigorous or laid-back as you like. I have to add a heads up for those opposed to same-sex marriage since the DK book Children Like Me (in the BookShark level B history package) presents a family with a same-sex marriage. hahaha!!!! Its a subject that some seem to automatically excel in and others struggle. I realize that this is part of the John/Sarita? Global Rank. Timberdoodles curriculum kits have a tremendous emphasis on thinking skills and logic, using curriculum and hands-on tools like Smart Games. But not so Montessori-like were the number of text and workbooks in the curriculum, which I initially balked at; so did we learn to love them? Here you will find practical articles, an online community, courses for you and your children, user-friendly textbooks, and much more. Well, I've been interested, but here's why I am not caving: 2. we don't fit into their history schedule (we're either ahead or behind, too young or too old). The only reason I looked at this one at all is because it's secular and I have never considered a packaged curriculum based solely on that. timberdoodle. I do think it would be a comfort to most though. Get a print or digital copy of our catalog with our literature-based, 4-day, homeschool curriculum options, including All-Subject packages, Reading with History, Science, Language Arts, and Math. Website: Christian Curriculum Options I love it, but it wasnt for me. And, back when Bookshark was Sonlight, nothing they made looked appealing to me. But I am tempted because I like things laid out for me and it keeps calling my name since I learned about it yesterday, lol.But now I am going to go back to researching what I want to do in general. However, it is a lot of historical fiction. Christian PK to 12 Accredited Print-based MasterBooks. Its here, it's actually here!! Thank you BookShark! Timberdoodle can not ship to a PO Box. Plus, she'd need third grade this year and we just finished a year of American History. I played around with it for a long time. I'm just generally unimpressed. I did stumble upon Rainbow Resourceand they offer some awesome literature packages. The outcome of this was that SL was basically banned from the homeschool conventions in their own state (Colorado). BookShark * Build Your Own Library Timberdoodle Classical Conversations * Lifepac * Sonlight * Abeka * Moving Beyond the Page History Story of the World * History Odyssey Science HMH Sciencefusion Apologia * Foreign Language Rosetta Stone *Website contains non-secular teaching resources Online Learning Sites Time4Learning Clickschooling Outschool You be what you want to be, and I'll be what I want to beBUT that being said, BE WHO YOU SAID YOU ARE!! Lots of art, STEM, games, etc. A logo configuration fills in as the first and last impression of the organization item on their clients. Bookshark. I do love a good OT-type break for the kids, but I would try therapy putty to be honest or the Faber-Castell Coloring with Clay which was particularly enjoyed by my artsy middle daughter. TIA They have both christian and secular options, and you can customize the packages to suit your needs. . Maybe youre in fact mad. ; Day 2 (Explore) you will read the History Hop time travel component of the History Quest chapter, complete the History Travel Log page for the unit, and explore a historical site . Timberdoodle also includes robust literature courses in 3rd-12th grade that contain the required reading in the text itself. Over 30 classics and modern well loved books. So that's one potential reason. His was very clear that at one point he was suicidal. I like the fact that I can add my own Biblical materials to my homeschool rather than be forced to use someone else's slant. She is a hands on kind of kid, so while reading good literature appeals to both of us, I know she is going to want time to craft and do projects as well. That's in their advertisements? I would rather make sure they got the technique down and let them practice it and not worry that there was a miscalculation. Ok. From what I have seen of it online, I thought it could be, even as a unit study curriculum. Sonlight emphasizes a broader exposure to different cultures, times and concepts through reading. They tend to offer very unique and hands-on materials. Love looking at it over and over. Hmmm. She's just very innocent and sensitive. Timberdoodle's Curriculum Handbooksinclude reproducible record-keeping charts listing resources and reading lists for that level. I have to admit that other than the science, it does appeal to *me*. It sounds like it's right up your alley: good books, hands on projects/crafts, and you can determine pacing or how many books to use. The rabbit trails you explore together, the things you research together? We watched the DVDs from Math U See and did some work pages though it was review for all my kids. I have mixed feelings on the printed resources. This is what makes BS more appealing to me. I assume Bookshark will be the same. I bolded the part that stands out to me. You read your child 2 to 3 short stories from beautiful picture books. For each level, the program up through level H has four subject-area packages for history, language arts, science, and math. Bookshark is very high on my list of something I would like to try in the near future, along with getting a Timberdoodle kit . Sonlight didn't work with our large family time restraints (there's only so much of me to go around!). Copyright 2010-2021 John pulled away from SL, and Sarita has done whatever to keep their Christian customer base. I prefer a more open-ended approach. It has art projects. They dont vibe with our philosophies quite as nicely as some of the other offerings. In order to have it work well, it requires the basic curriculum, the suppliementary read aloud books, and the supplementary science books.This brings the curriculum to a very expensive price that I cant justify! Bookshark Building Blocks Moving Beyond the Page Story of the World History Pockets History of U.S. History Detective Oh Freedom Get OREGONized. It's about what I expected. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255 "Guidelines Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. I have been going around in circles, the debate in my head between two great curricula. 2017-2018 curriculum pick, aka the award goesto. Scan this QR code to download the app now. Im sure I can find a sweet story about cats that doesnt involve cat cannibalism! And there was an earlier version that someone on a secular board I'm on pointed out at least one example of historical bias that definitely skewed religious. For Science you read from The Berenstain Bears Big Book of Science and Nature. I also eliminated textbook heavy curricula. After going through the samples of each, and actually planning out a typical week from each of them, I think Ive found my match! Sonlight and Bookshark appeal to both of us for their interesting looking books, but I wonder about being overwhelmed with reading. I've heard that SL keeps several books going at one time and that's a no-no for my kids. I love that top photo! I would be willing to make it work though . Due to everything that happened, he has chosen to market to the secular homeschool community. I thought the above was odd too. So what did I choose? 2. Moving Beyond the Page 4-6: Wow! The only one I would have considered are the bundles from Peace Hill press with the SM option. I dislike their politics and loathe their brand of religion. Its a bit workbook heavy, but the curriculum has lots of hands on stuff, too. Not very many hands on activities. If someone was a schedule person, I think it would be a good option. The chances that I would like ANY of the choices are slim. Im loving these suggestions. the title is a little bit misleading though-it's more of drawing pictures of cities than designing a city or a house. Abeka Homeschool Curriculum. -I plan on a large family. First of all, Timberdoodle has an online scheduler that Ive never seen the likes of before. I did side eye a bit when I saw RS4K in this "secular" set. Which is good but hard when you have 4 kids. I cannot follow someone else's schedule - to feel I should be doing x, y or z would not go down well because of the way I work and my own schedule and that my children are so young and some days we just need to take the day off or do less or even do way more than usual and if someone was telling me what to do every day I would feel stressed out by that. Read-Alouds Reading aloud to your children builds their vocabulary, listening skills and imagination. Beginning Contact Who is BookShark Headquarters 8022 S Grant Way, Littleton, Colorado, 80122, United States Phone Number (303) 797-2954 Website Revenue $6.4M I wouldn't be happy with anything I didn't design myself. I adore any curriculum that includes a big box of books. BookShark Virtual is an online platform that enables students to access their schedules, view Story Maps, Take Assessments, and receive instant auto-grading results. Note: Publishers, authors, and service providers never pay to be reviewed. Math is weak. I rejected it long ago because it is not the right program for my kids. I don't care what your beliefs are, stand by your beliefs. It has prompted some really amazing conversations about animals and habitat conservation. Sonlights sister company, BookShark, offers a charter school edition which is available for Pre-K through age 16. BookShark Level 3 History. Build your Library would win out for literature alone, but it falls down on hands-on activities. So why am I hesitant? It has begun. Its also available for Grade 1 too! Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), explained amazingly well in this inspiring read about Montessori handwriting, Montessori Homeschooling Week in Review: Vol 3, Homeschool Week: Vol 20 The One with Josie's Birthday, Timberdoodle Kit Review: a Montessorian Perspective, Finding the best Globes for our Homeschool. So, I don't know that I'd call it a liv. Regardless, I only recommend products or services that I believe will add value to my readers. Christian PK to 12 SL/BookShark isn't for her. I would have to tweak it a bit to turn it into our 4 day week, but it would be very easy to do! But ultimately, it would never work for us- my kid would hate every second of it, and I'd get upset trying to force him through it. Most items in each kit are self-contained and don't need any further instructions in the handbook, but additional instruction is included when the product isn't self-explanatory. While it is possible that Sonlight or Bookshark will improve SAT scores beyond the national average, the claim is not supported by the facts they reference. For levels A through H, BookShark offers Reading with History packages. :) too much reading, not enough engagement with the material. Ah, so I was wrong about Sonlight. When I think of hands on learning though, I think of Konos. Category. The Good and the Beautiful has been recommended to me by my sister in law, and I like how it's laid out for me and not super expensive. I actually like RS4K, and don't have a problem with using non-secular curriculum, but claiming something non-secular is secular is insidious, and makes me question what else may be hiding away in there. At least it is for the lower levels. I personally love Sonlight. While programs shared many features at first, they have been gradually diverging further apart from one another. What's Missing? Memoria press was another that was in the running, very much a fantastic literature based curriculum, Id just remove the bible and religious content of it. Five in a Row: Although this is a religious curriculum, it is very easy to remove the bible and religious content. They have hands on history kits. When I think of Sonlight and bookshark, kinesthetic approach is not what pops out to me. My oldest son was this type of student, but I am not sure if it would work this way with my youngest. is a proud supporter of, Privacy Policy | Cookies | Terms & Conditions | Security. Timberdoodles charter school friendly kits are simply known as the non-religious editions and are available from 0-12th grade. They are heavily laden with hands-on and experiential learning resources. All opinions are 100% my own, the good and the bad. I feel silly asking you this, because of course you are a Timberdoodle supporter :-). For levels A through E, a DVD has demonstrations of the science experiments. I feel like crunch time is here and I need to decide on something. In third grade, for instance, Sonlight expects students to spend 3.54.5 hours a day, and teachers to spend 2-3 hours a day. Joy-Filled Journey Through Preschool. I have seen this again and again in my experience with the Montessori method. The complete kits add more, including resources for science and history, and the elite kits have all that you need plus extras such as additional hands-on resources, art courses, or the audio version of one ofThe Story of the World books. colleagues should never snoop or look up information cvs,

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