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Daniels has shown how to properly train new officers that work in Housing Unit 5 and communicates well with Classification staff in the unit. Strategic Plan Meeting February 10, 2020 - 4 Attendees, February 10, 2020 Segregation Unit Internal Audit -54 Files Completed, Section Head Meeting/MAC Meeting/Fire & Safety Meeting February 19, 2020, February 14, 2020 Fundraiser Winner B.J. A check into his situation revealed his home plan had been investigated and approved, but never final formed. David Meyer District Administrator P&P 8-1-20. Please congratulate Jennifer Long and assist her as needed as she begins her new duties as Timekeeper for BCC. Studies have shown over and over again positive behavior management is effective in offenders of all ages and backgrounds, including offenders with substance abuse and violent tendencies. Lauren displayed great compassion, professionalism and selflessness. Offenders who are younger than 22 who have learning disabilities are given the opportunity to participate in appropriate educational services, in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. COI Larry Chenault always displays a positive attitude while at work and outside of work. The offender population is appreciative that they have a walking/jogging surface. Several staff represented BCC and the DOC at the Missouri State Fair in August. CO I Incentive Winners for August: CO I Ryan Dixon, CO I Diane Evans, & CO I Jeffrey Baker. This shows that Cook II Cowans checks areas for contraband regularly. Director Precythe visited Boonville Correctional Center on April 13 presenting the 2020 Missouri State Employee Award of Distinction in the category of Innovation to Case Managers Hayley Joyce and Ashley Wells. Offenders who have not yet earned high school diplomas or equivalency certificates upon incarceration are required by statute to participate in adult basic education classes. Selected from the list of staff who did not call in during the month of July: COI Edward Innes, COI Shirey Samuels, COI Naw Ing. Jeffrey Chatman, James Williams, James Weeks, Michael Sample, Daniel Brady, Anthony Ruselowski, Naw Ing, and Dylan Tillman. Rick Skaggs has served as the Video Court Coordinator for the department and successfully developed and established IP-based video court systems and protocol for many departmentfacilities. Keener Tippin, Site Director for Ashland University informs us that. Veterans Day Flag Ceremony was held on November 11. He volunteers and regularly works his days off to cover for staff shortages. Homan has a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and is a medication awareness recovery specialist. CO I Carrie Daniels was selected as BCC August 2019 Employee of the Month. Please congratulate PPSI Hilden on his promotion and assist him as he takes on his new position in maintenance. The First Battle of Boonville occurred across the street from the present day location of the facility. As her supervisor, I lean on her to handle certain daily responsibilities when I am out of the office. Strategic Plan Meeting March 9, 2020 3 Attendees, Focus Group Meeting March 12, 2020 9 Attendees, Focus Group Meeting March 10, 2020 22 Attendees, Section Head Meeting held with Administration only on 3/18/20, Strategic Plan Meeting March 23, 2020 3 Attendees, COVID-19 Operation Plan Meeting March 23, 2020. COII Corey Peck was presented the Lifesaver Award for action he took while working at FRDC. RJ Garden 6-10-20 distributed 475.2 pounds of turnip (339.6 Lbs.) During a recent closing of a housing unit, several offenders were moved to other units prior to getting their laundry completed. COI and Cook I and II Parking Spot Winners: CKII Sarah Gipson, COI Jeffrey Hopper, COI Diane Evans. CCM Haller taught 12 offenders how to utilize a sewing machine. Wells previously held the position of Corrections Officer II at Boonville Treatment Center for approximately five years and originally was hired as a COI in August 1999. Compare pay for popular roles and read about the teams work-life balance. Offenders teach dogs basic obedience skills and socialize them, making them more adoptable. their first produce for the 2020 season to Prairie Home Methodist Church: Radishes. CO I Parking Spot Winners: Diane Evans, Tim Hendren, Greg Snell, April Fountain, Travis McKee, Kenneth Kempf, Tim Rugen, Sarah Gipson. The ceremony was ended with offenders saluting the flags of those that have fallen before them. CO I Incentive Winners Day Off: Robert Kennedy, Willa Gerlt, Travis Brennan. The property was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983 as Historic District H.[2]:4042[3] Students must receive a minimum of a 3.5 grade point average and must carry 12 semester hours. The prisons address and phone number. Larry is a role model for the department of corrections and is a great asset at Boonville Correctional Center. March 24 Town Hall was held and the new COI Pay Raise proposal was discussed, vaccines. COI Incentive Winners for April 2020:COI receive one day off of their choice in May utilizing their own time. CCM Luke Haller was nominated and select for August 2020 Employee of the Month for BCC. Every day he comes into work with a smile. Ms. Draffen began her employment with the DOC as an OSA at TCC in 2007 and worked there through August 2010. She returned to the DOC as an OSA in October 2011 with Probation and Parole at Central Office giving her approximately 13 years of experience in corrections. CCM Haller oversees the Veterans Unit, and recently took over the Restorative Justice Craft room. It was a pleasure watching a professional work their job as he did. If you work housing units, you'll be stagnant for 8-16 hours a day surrounded by 90+ offenders, which will really strain your immune system. We now have some identification on the cell door. RJ Garden 6-16-20 distributed 466.8 pounds of beets, turnips, strawberries to River of Life Food Pantry. Hayley Joyce and Ashley Coffelt, with the assistance of Deana Berry began a new program pilot, Empowering Dads, at BCC on June 13, 2019. The BCC Honor Guard posted colors for the Crime Victims Rights Week ceremony held April 10.Cooper County victims advocate Melissa Manning spoke at the event, which included information about resources available to crime victims in the area. Sgt. He has the lists of appointments and follows up on them to assure that the appointments are kept or that the offender signs a refusal he calls segregation to let them know of appointments. Ms. Campbell-Malones nomination states she is diligent and precise regarding her work on keeping all maintenance parts ordered, on hand, and inventories always complete. Eric Bench began his career with the DOC as a COI in November 2001 and was promoted to COII in September 2005. Sgt. Two colleges attended, as well as several new contacts including transitional housing, and a fathers program. CO I Incentive Parking Spot Winners for October: CO Is recognized and randomly selected from the list of staff with no call-ins for the month of October 2019. Mike Jewell began his career with the Department of Corrections in January 2014 and served as an assistant to the locksmith, Maintenance Worker II. The program allows one-on-one time with the offenders children in the visiting room on a non-visiting day from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Children are eligible between the ages of 4-17 and the offenders have specific criteria they must maintain to be eligible. COI Fredrich has served as a Field Training Officer since 2014 and held various posts throughout his career. COI Incentive Parking Spot Winners for April: COIs and or Cook I/IIs recognized and randomly selected from the list of staff with no call-ins for the month of April 2020 and receive front row : James Williams Amber Smith, Janet Milne, Larry Hinman, joseph Ouellet, Chris Bozwell, John Partise, and Lori Sims. She also worked as a Pharmacy Technician at D&H Pharmacy and Medical Arts for over four (4) years. Quickly establishing a rapport with the individual, she was able to provide assistance until professional medical care arrived. :-&7;z>$t*_AAy`d[ Brett and Mike mobilized their crew and equipment quickly, and efficiently, to meet our needs. He is also an active member of CERT. The ceremony was followed by a reception. David Wells was selected to fill the vacant position of Corrections Officer II at BCC. Available on site during the Job Fair will be the Jamaican Jerk Hut Food Truck for the Community and Boonville Correctional Center Staff! BCC Restorative Justice Garden Donated 45 pounds of tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, eggplant and zucchini to the Columbia Food Bank. With intensive and individualized case management we can positively impact our offenders behavior inside the institution and hopefully encourage these positive changes to continue on as they are released back into our communities. Bing stated he was surprised how engrained the prison was in the community and has the feel of a college campus until you see the barbwire. The following Restorative Justice Garden Donations were distributed in September 2019, 9-04-19 1,529 pounds of produce to Columbia Food Bank, 9-11-19 993.1 pounds of produce to New Franklin Senior Housing and Fayette Food Bank, 9-19-19 941.7 pounds of produce to Prairie Home Food Bank, 9-29-19 987.2 pounds of produce to Fayette Food Bank. Puppies for Parole operates through partnerships with animal shelters and animal advocate groups statewide. COI and Cook I and II Parking Spot Winners: COI Jonathan Jiordano, COI Kevin Wilson, COI Mark Slate, COI Jeffrey Chatman, COI Shirey Samuels, COI Raed Al-Maliki, CKII Lisa Good, COI Susan Anderson. CO I Incentive Parking Spot Winners for July: CO I recognized and randomly selected from the list of staff with no call-ins for the month of July 2019: CO I Travis Brennan, CO I Travis McKee, CO I Louis Gann, CO I Diane Evans, CO I Joseph Ouellet, CO I James Dority, CO I Robert Kennedy, CO I Tim Hendren, Town Hall Meetings Thursday, August 15, 2019 1, Work Release Supervisor Training 4-23 and 4-24, April 11, 15: Support Your Team Day: Proceeds to Peace Officers Association, April 17: Section Head, MAC, Fire & Safety Meetings, April 10: Crime Victims Rights Week Celebration, Credentialed Batter Intervention Programs, Early Discharge/ Earned Compliance Credit, A Guide to Understanding P&P for Family and Friends, Level I Supervision Report Form (Only works with Internet Explorer), Required Educational Assessment and Community Treatment (REACT), Supervision Strategies and Treatment Alternatives Booklet, Suicide Is Forever video - female version, Community Supervision Centers & Community Release Centers, Law Enforcement Notification System (LENS), For Media Professionals: Inquiries & Interviews, Division of Offender Rehabilitative Services. He has been an active CERT member and has served as a volunteer fireman for many years with the Boonville Fire Department and Cooper County Fire Department. He has related experience as a Boiler Operator at Truman State University, A.E. Graduation was held May 29, 2020. The submitting staff noted the experience gained from working with Ms. Gerlt and that she is very deserving of this recognition for her efforts and a job well done every day. COIs, Custody Supervisors and Cook I, II and III Parking Spot Winners: COIII Stephanie Keller, COIII Robert Emmerich, COI Roy Chenault, COI Brandi Bell, COI Ashley Truss, COIII Farrell Rooks, COI Daniel Craig, COII Corey Peck. She is diligent in her duties and is an integral part of the BCC Training Department. Bret was nominated for his never-ending service to BCC. She as well keeps us updated on our budgets and answers any questions we have (and there are a lot.) Services include accommodations and modifications in classroom instruction and test taking. CO I Boggs begins his new duties on 1st Shift in Segregation. COI Incentive Winners Day Off: Raed Al-Maliki, John Bronakowski, Shelbie Stover. Uncover why BOONVILLE CORRECTIONAL CENTER is the best company for you. COI Robert Kennedy has been selected to fill the vacant COII position at BCC effective September 4, 2019. COII Robert Emmerich has been selected to fill the vacant position of COIII effective September 8, 2019. CO I Kevin Wilson was nominated and selected as BCCs July 2019 EOM for his selfless performance as the dining room officer. Selected from the list of staff who did not call in during the month of May. Algoa Farm and Algoa Intermediate Reformatory for Young Men (1925-1933; 1957- 1980) 3. Congratulations toCCA Willa Gerltwas named Employee of the Month for June. The positive on this is that all involved entities: Business Office, Records Office, Correctional Staff and Corizon, came together to positively resolve the situation. COI Murdock was a member of CERT for five years. Selected from the list of staff who did not call in during the month of June. Sgt. Mohawk is our featured dog of the quarter. Bench has related employment with experience in construction, simple wiring, plumbing, framing and roofing houses, building small electrical motors and general maintenance on machines. Selected from the list of staff who did not call in during the month of April. The two organizations also donated $373.19 to Boonville High School to cover the cost of 85 students with a negative school lunch balance. CO I Parking Spot Winners: James Williams, DeShawn Cowans, Johnathon Jiordano, Carrie Daniels, Larry Chenault, Tim Rugen, Lisa Good, Anthony Ruselowski. In related employment, Ms. Brown was employed by the City of Columbia as the Financial Management Specialist/Records Supervisor from November 1990 until June 2011. This program is modeled after a program at CCC. This saved the institution $1,411.55. Get the inside scoop on jobs, salaries, top office locations, and CEO insights. William (Bill) Hilden, Physical Plant Supervisor I. William (Bill) Hilden was promoted to the vacant position of Physical Plant Supervisor I effective January 28, 2020. through 2nd grade students with a personal blanket each for Christmas. CO I Incentive Parking Spot Winners for March: CO Is and or Cook I/IIs recognized and randomly selected from the list of staff with no call-ins for the month of March 2020: William Sims, Willa Gerlt, John Bronakowski, Sasha Conaway. CO I Incentive Winners Day Off: Lorraine Rhorer, April Fountain, Travis Brennan. Closed HU#10 June 16, 2020 Doug Gramlich, CCM to HU#9, Luke Haller, CCM to RJ Craft Room & Veterans Unit, June 3, 2020 the walking track in the recreation area was completed and is now in use. The BCC Personnel Club distributed a bag of peanuts purchased through Texas Roadhouse to every staff member. Heathers dedication to her students, co-workers, and as a DOC employee is to be commended.". He follows up if sick call is not called at the right time. CO I James Dority, CO I Susan Anderson, CO I Shawn Harris, CO I Brandi Simmons, CO I Joseph Ouellet, CO I Larry Chenault, CO I Kenneth Kemp, CO I John Bargfrede. Corrections Case Manager I Charles "Chuck"Morris was recognized as employee of the month for April and honored by Director Precythe with the Lifesaver Award on April 17, 2019, at the monthly Section Head Meeting. WebBoonville Correctional Center is a minimum-security prison for male inmates tucked away in Boonville, Missouri. Dan Grover, Recreation Officer III. Items discussed were as follows: Proposed COI Pay Raise, Vaccine, Retention Strategies, Plan to Return to Normal Activities and Current Staff Vacancies. Sutton volunteered to be placed in segregation when there was a vacancy COII position. Early Richards has been selected to fill the vacant position of Corrections Supervisor II (Major) at Boonville Correctional Center. The donation included 57 pounds of lettuce, 59.5 pounds of turnip greens and 68.3 pounds of radishes. retired after 33 years of service effective May 1, 2020. In addition to all his duties as the dining room officer, Kevin always makes a point to assist in the kitchen whenever he can. Chelsey Hall, Diane Evans, and Phyllis Barnes. HU#2 Opened on 4/17/20 for 102 offenders received from FRDC. During the winter weather, it was invaluable to our kitchen operations and BCC. CCM Willette has been recognized as the Employee of the Month at BTC three times and Employee of the Quarter at the Division level with DORS. He goes out of his way to check every detail so that meals run on time and with the right items. WebCorrectional Officer (Former Employee) - Boonville, MO - December 22, 2021 Disgusting work environment; mold, roaches and other pests crawling around. BOONVILLE, Mo. He has previously worked as a cable installer and satellite installer and has related experience. She also presented the Award of Valor to Terrie Krause, OSA for an incident that occurred at BCC on July of 2020 in which she took exceptional actions and was crucial in helping end a physical assault. Even though he worked a 12 hour shift there was no complaining. CCM Doug Gramlich was a recipient of a clock and pin for 30 years of service. Mr. Bell transferred to Boonville Correctional center July 2017. She has received three (3) Employee of the Month recognitions at BTC and one Employee of the Quarter at the Division level with DORS. Laundry ManagerKelly Norris was selected as the BCC March Employee of the Month. He is part of the team. Mike Jewell was selected to fill the vacant position of Maintenance Supervisor II at BCC effective September 30, 2019. Boonville offers Basic Welding, Electric Wiring Technology, and Heavy Equipment Operator. CO I Tim HendrenOfficer Hendren is professional in his duties and works well with minimum supervision. Larry is role model for new staff members and is always willing to help them if they have questions or concerns. Major Richards has college credit and has served in the U.S. Every day he comes into work with a smile. COI Travis Brennan, COI Janet Milne, COI Chris Wilmsmeyer, COI Thomas Fenton, CKII Marcus Hinkle. Boonville Correctional Center (BCC) is located at 1216 East Morgan Street in Boonville, Missouri. COI Carrie Daniels is the December Employee of the Month. Empowering Dads Embracing Fatherhood Visits: On July 11, 12offenders and 14 children participated in the event, which includes one-on-one time with their fathers during interactive play, crafts, and bonding time. Travis is a great asset to BCC and to the State of Missouri. CO I April Fountain was selected as BCC June 2020 Employee of the Month. Wood was nominated and selected for his positive and professional attitude and going beyond his regular job duties. The State of Missouri's Charitable Campaign began September 27 and ended October 8. He helps with transportation runs, control center gates, and is always willing to help out when needed. Mohawk was abandoned at a local Veterinarians house in Marshall. Brad Drew was selected for the position of Corrections Officer II at Boonville Treatment Center (BTC), effective April 14, 2019. COI Porterfield also noticed fresh scratch marks on the pole and fence where the tie downs were missing. COI Murdock began his career at BCC as a COI in June 1998. COI Incentive Winners Day Off: Gary Najera, Gregory Snell and Jeffrey Hopper. His willingness and imitative makes him an asset to the facility. Ms. Gerlt was submitted for recognition for the outstanding work she did when assigned to the Control Center. They are accompanied by the old Administration Building which bears a dedication from its original construction under Governor John S. Marmaduke. On Wednesday, May 22, 2019 the BCC Restorative Justice Garden donated their first load of produce totaling 184.8 pounds. BCC made major classification moves in October and in November HU#6 Top Floor closed and bed assignments reconfigured. CCM Haller is a positive role model for staff and offenders.August 2020 Employee of the Month: Luke Haller was nominated and select for August 2020 Employee of the Month for BCC. Justin Seifert, Gary Najera, and James Dority, CO I Incentive Parking Spot Winners for May: CO Is and or Cook I/IIs recognized and randomly selected from the list of staff with no call-ins for the month of May 2020 and receive front row :Andrew Walcup, Benjamin Wiemholt, Gregory Snell, Travis Brennan, Chadwick Hawthorne, Dwight Friedrich, Janet Milne,Travis McKee. Staff Appreciation Activities- September 16th through September 20th Monday- sports day/hat day- wear your favorite sports teams colors, shirts or jerseys and hat day wear your favorite hat or ball cap, Tuesday-bcc united t-shirt or any bcc/doc shirt you have from the past, Wednesday-new staff appreciation t-shirt & staff meal, Thursday -I need a vacation day/Hawaiian shirt- wear your favorite shirt/top from your favorite vacation spot or country or Hawaiian shirts, Friday- band t-shirt/patriotic day- wear your favorite music band t-shirt (appropriate for work) or red, white & blue. CCM Haller is a positive role model for staff and offenders. Due to COI Porterfields attention to detail he prevented a security breach in the perimeter fence at the institution and insured public safety for all. Picture: Warden Ehlers & Dani Craig Promotion. BCCs Empowering Dads Program allows one-on-one time with their fathers during interactive play, crafts, and bonding time. She has her General Education Certificate and has attended Missouri Valley College. Mr. Herlein began his career with the DOC in August 2011 as a Corrections Officer I and was promoted to the position of Maintenance Worker II on May 7, 2017. Other activities to collect for the Charitable Campaign included an Ice Cream Social, Bake Sale, Pumpkin Decorating Contest and a Chili Cook Off. Web1988 - Electronic monitoring for parole supervision is established. It houses about 1,300 inmates, who are mainly young and first-time offenders. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. CCM Haller oversees the Veterans Unit, and recently took over the Restorative Justice Craft room. Bench has almost 14 years of custody supervisory experience as a COII at BCC. MW II Eric Herlein has been selected to fill the vacant position of Garage Supervisor effective August 1, 2019. Kelly Norris was employed at BCC 22 years this February 17th. On June 18, 2019 the BCC Restorative Justice Garden donated 39.2 pounds of produce to the Prairie Home Methodist Church. He called his Cook III over to look at it and when the Food Service Manager came in the Cook III showed her and she called maintenance to come and take the back off of the oven and some illegal contraband was found. Mr. Weaver has a high school diploma and Certificate of Attainment in Computer Information Technology I & II from Tri-County Technical School. She works extremely hard at organizing and ordering our purchase orders through the vendors. He was promoted to the position of Electronic Technician in May 2019. Empowering Dads Embracing Fatherhood Visit: August 8, 2019. BCC assisted with the Show Me Response Vaccine Clinic held on March 22 and 23 at the Isle of Capri Casino. This article about a building or structure in Missouri is a stub. Personnel Clerk Betty Hundley retired after 33 years of service effective May 1, 2020. Prior to her DOC employment she held the position of Childrens Service Worker II with the Missouri Childrens Division from December 2017 through December 2018 and was a Program Care Assistant at Unlimited Opportunities from August 2016 through December 2017. It would have been very easy to tell the girlfriend she wasted a trip up from St. Louis but everyone here jumped in the ensure a positive outcome. CO I Justin Boggs was promoted to the position of Corrections Officer II effective Sunday, March 8, 2020. Sutton has been part of the solution and thinks outside the box when given a task in segregation. Travis Fredrich was promoted to fill the vacant position of Corrections Classification Assistant at BCC effective September 29, 2019. Named to the Deans List were: Jeremy Arata, Avery McRoy, Daniel Pettis and William Yung. Mr. Jewell has served on various committees to include Workplace Environment Committee and was named an Ambassador for the Corrections Way Training. It was a pleasure watching a professional work their job as he did. Fountain was nominated for displaying a great amount of professionalism while at work. Janis Brown began her employment with BCC as an Office Support Assistant in August 2017. Even though he worked a 12 hour shift there was no complaining. Bill Hilden began his employment with the DOC as a Cook II in June 1996 and has held the position of Labor Supervisor, Maintenance Worker II in training for a Stationary Engineer, Fire & Safety Specialist, Cook III, and has been a Stationary Engineer since July 2019. She is pleasant to work with and demonstrates the teamwork and motivation that makes it easy for her coworkers to also be productive. In 2010 he was named FRDCs Employee of the Year. COI and Cook I and II Parking Spot Winners: COI James Williams, COI Jessica Ott, COI Jeffrey Hopper, COI Janet Milne, CKII Lisa Good, COI Wayne Gerard, COI Brandi Bell, CKII Lori Sims. He volunteers for helping other staff in segregation and frequent overtime. Donated 50 paper flowers to Riverdell Nursing Home residents and 40 paper flowers to Rainbow House residents in Columbia for Christmas. IAC Ashley Coffelt was selected as BCCs December 2019 Employee of the Month. All 12 dogs graduated May 1. Boonville Correctional Center 1216 East Morgan Street, Boonville, MO, 65233-1300 If you have any questions regarding inmates or the prison, you can call The guards were released unharmed, but two housing units were burned, causing an estimated $7 million in damage. Picture: Warden Ehlers & Jason Murdock COII Promotion. COII Wells returned to the Department at Moberly Correctional Center and transferred to BCC in November 2018. He has assisted numerous times placing recruitment flyers in the outside community as well as designing a new and improved yard sign to attract more attention for recruiting. RJ Garden 6-24-20 distributed 232.7 pounds of potatoes, zucchini, and radishes to Fayette Food Pantry. The offices are known as a level 4 and level 5 unit, a base level 2 unit, alongside a greatest security level 6 unit. As of June 30, 2004, this facility housed 1,204 male offenders. It can house approximately 1,300 inmates, most of who are During a short week, Kelly was still able to get the laundry sent up and cleaned for the offenders. He makes medical staff feel safe. COII Kennedy was hired as a COI on February 5, 2018 at BCC and is certified as a Field Training Officer and Defensive Tactics Instructor. Melissa Draffen is currently employed as the SOSA and timekeeper in the BCC Personnel Office and has held that position since April 2016. He was recognized by his BCC peers in 2017 and received the Distinguished Professional Award for non-. OSA Dani Craig is currently employed with BCC as an Office Support Assistant and has held that position since June 2012. Sheila Campbell-Malone, was selected as BCCs January 2020 Employee of the Month. MWII Matt Shannon was promoted to the position of Maintenance Supervisor I effective Sunday, November 17, 2019. This helped the RJ program send out over 150 masks to local nursing homes during the COVID 19 crisis early on. COI Incentive Winners Day Off: Barry Homan, Willa Gerlt and Naw Ing. WebFind out what works well at BOONVILLE CORRECTIONAL CENTER from the people who know best. This page tells you information about anything related to Boonville Correctional Center,like: Find an inmate at Boonville Correctional Center. I am pleased to announce the selection of Frankie Jones to the position of Electronic Technician II effective January 12, 2020. Throughout April, participants took part in a spring cleaning project and the USPS Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. what channel is trutv on charter spectrum, lucy gaskell mark bonnar wedding,

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