Sushi Towers rock! My wife loves them and they make me look like THE MAN in the kitchen. They make a novice cook look like an expert in seconds…and I say that because I’m most definitely a novice when it comes to being kitchen crafty. I highly recommend getting both the Sushi Tower kit (comes with two sizes of cylinder molds) + get the Sushi Stacker 3pk (comes with square, triangle, cylinder molds)…then you can create whatever shapes you want. The quality is solid, food grade, stainless steel and it’s easy to clean.


 The Sushi Tower kit turned out to be way more than we expected. We’ve used it so many times I’ve lost count and its almost as fun to make the towers as it is to eat them. My wife and I experiment with them all the time and have posted some of our photos. Our next big challenge is to make a video so we can upload it to the site. Not sure how it will turn out, but I do know we will have a blast doing it.


 I really love the Sushi Tower recipe book. The directions are easy to follow but flexible so I can do it my way without too much stress. I’ve tried doing homemade sushi before but it was hard and never really turned out that great. Now I feel like a true Sushi Artist in the kitchen and I serve homemade sushi regularly to my family. Thank you for making it so easy.


 I am really impressed! Being a sushi lover, and one who has made sushi at home, I really like the primary product. Super cool concept with the vertical way of building a sushi roll. I like all the supporting accessories, including rice! and variations in shape etc. Your website is very well put together. Branding is catchy too.


 This is such a wonderful idea! I first came across these on Pinterest and absolutely fell in love with them. My kids look forward to “sushi night”, which makes me feel like I’m teaching my children to be adventurous by enjoying different kinds of food. The beautiful thing about this is that you don’t just have to use it for sushi. We made Mac N’ Cheese towers the other night and everyone LOVED it! The product quality is great as well. Easy to clean and store away.


 With the submission of this Review, I have just completed what I call a “Sushi Tower Hat Trick” with a Photo, Recipe, Video, and Review posted on this website and I promise I’m not done yet. Stay tuned for more to come. I love my Sushi Tower kit and I like sharing what I create with others.


 I’ve made some absolutely fabulous Sushi with my Sushi Stackers but even cooler than that are the non-sushi stacks I’ve made like Spaghetti & Meatballs, Jambalaya, Salmon Teriyaki, and of course, some of the most amazing desserts on the planet. Sushi Stackers are easy to use and so much fun. I’m thinking about hosting a Sushi Stacker Party…


 J’adore mon Sushi Tower. Je peux préparer des mets succulents pour ma Famille et mes amis. C’est vraiment un produit magnifique.


 I had a date coming over to my apartment for dinner and as usual procrastinated my preparation. I picked up a couple of Teriyaki Chicken Bowls at a local strip mall joint and stacked them up in my Sushi Tower for an exciting, “homemade” meal. Needless to say, my date was very impressed with my culinary talent but I think I set the bar way too high.


 I just received mine yesterday and haven’t used it yet. I was very impressed with the quality of the item. There is no seam in the rings and they are not flimsy. These will be perfect to make my crab cakes with. Now my mind is thinking of other dishes I can do with them. I am so glad I ordered these


 Love the size and look of these and the way they work – awesome


 Its what I expected… great


 Great to make a tuna tower or salad towers. Really works well.


 This kit is alot of fun to use. I like to make desserts with it too.


 I purchased sushi towers for my mother in law as a gift. She loved it, so I bought one for myself too. Great idea.


 I am so impressed with my sushi tower kit. The tower molds appear to be superior quality, solid weight and stainless material, and super easy to use. My husband was blown away by the beautiful food presentations I am able to make – easily. So glad that they have a bottom plate and top tamper press, makes a world of difference in the ease of use and final product. You can make the food tower off plate and then place precisely where you want it without any mess. I highly recommend!


 Sushi towers rocks. It pretty much makes me look like a king in the kitchen when I really don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Ha!


 The plunger/ring/support combination works great, as you can make your “hockey puck” of food off of the plate, and transfer cleanly. A real time saver and cool way to make some sexy bomb food! Highly recomended.


 I make beautiful stacks with this. Quality product. Thanks With respect


 Love this product.


 Well-built, substantial, easy to work with. The size is large enough that these can be used for the main dish rather than just the entrée.


 Awesome – thank you!


 My plates look amazing. Now I have people begging for me to cook for them. Easy to clean and use. I love the cylinder molds the most, but the square and triangle stackers are fantastic! The molds are the perfect size for my entrees.


 This is a must have for presenting food in a stack!


 Great!! 🙂 The kit is just as expected, and the accessories are all very useful.


 Very good for tuna towers. Dishwasher safe (even though I hand wash mine). High quality heavy gauge stainless. Looks like new after many uses.


 Excellent set, good price. Useful item in the kitchen for making some rockin’ towers

The Surfer Dude

 My daughter turned me on to sushi towers. I am very happy to have purchased a kit. It allows me to be more creative and I am amazed at the beautiful dishes I can make.


 Great product and fun to use


 These are simply brilliant. Such a perfect way to make divine and delicious food.


 These rings are made of high quality stainless steel. It’s a wonderful addition to my kitchen. I love impressing my company by stacking food on the plate. It really helps with presentation for those home cooks who want to elevate their meals to provide a visual impact.


 I bought a kit for my wife and my goofy kids. They really seem to enjoy them. So chalk up some points for dad!


 Such a fabulous idea! I love these!


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