issue with envoy meter measurements

Continue reading for more information about each type of problem. In general, a Meter Issue indicates a system where on-site maintenance may be required. The production or consumption measurements received by the Enphase Cloud are negative. If the system has both production and consumption CTs installed, you can see which meter is affected by checking the meter status on the Devices screen. The production or consumption measurements received by Enlighten are negative. An Enphase team member may follow up with you about your feedback. Regarding measurements for each phase, he Envoy has a URL that deliveries a stream of measurements -. Ideally, the user should be able to specify and track either or both from Home Assistant. &pLlV y*Hv. Do you know what the "eim" stands for? The time series includes one entry for each day from the start_date to the end_date. This indicates that you have made too many concurrent requests. Yes, I do want and think the values for both inverters and eim should be accessible if available. This page was generated at 03:27 AM. % 0000128068 00000 n If you do not want to accept all content types, specify JSON only: Endpoints that receive dates expect the format YYYY-mm-dd. Model: Consumption Production Consumption Consumption Clamp Quantity Error: Failed to fetch Details If ct_metering_consumption is false then the. <>/Metadata 3482 0 R/ViewerPreferences 3483 0 R>> 0000161309 00000 n 0000012488 00000 n The PF of the. That's one line changed on the Home Assistant side and as long as the reviewer is okay with the API side change log the updated API will be included in the next Home Assistant release. I just tested it in Windows Sandbox: No authentication required for both url's. Sometimes, but not 0000196625 00000 n I have an Enphase system but it only has production and the blue bars are in the same orientation as in your chart. 3.48 kW of SolarWorld panels and Enphase IQ7 micros. EDIT: I actually just found a setup like this. For example. In that case, the response code is 500 and the response body is. Now I have to get this included in a bugfix-release for Home Assistant as 2020.12.0 includes the envoy_reader with the bug. Note: If a system does not include a given device type, that key is left out of the returned hash. All API requests require your API key and a user_id. limit is how many requests are allowed per period. I see information in /api/v1/procuction and /api/v1/production/inverters being updated every 5 minutes. A phase coupler for communication with the inverters is not built-in to the Envoy. To troubleshoot this, check CT orientation and leads, compared with voltage measurements. metered_consumption wNow: 0.836 (gets truncated to 0). WebThere is an issue with my envoy meter measurements Expand Post Translate with GoogleShow OriginalShow OriginalChoose a language DownloadDownload Show more If the meters milliamp scale goes up to 500mA, then <> There are no gaps in the time series. From the 'Envoy-S Metered Multiphase (ENV-S-WM-230) Installation and Operation Manual': Use a Phase Coupler for a Multiphase Site If the system doesnt have any revenue-grade meters installed, the response includes an empty intervals array. Active does not imply that the device is currently reporting, producing, or measuring energy. WebThe use of any other type of CT will result in incorrect power measurements, and may permanently damage the WattNode meter. I have read through everything yet but I want to point out that when polling uses the /api/v1/production page the envoy appears to only update it every 15mins. From above I derive the conclusion that the reason of the presence of all 3 phases on the 'power input' connector must be to measure the voltage of each phase (as there appears no other plausible reason for wiring all 3 phases on this connector). All rights reserved. Unless I'm wrong about that, it would be useful to be able to get wNow (production) for both, so hopefully your naming would also include inverters_production. 0000016440 00000 n ct_enabled with default value True (requires no changes in existing client code). If the total duration requested is more than one month, returns one month of intervals. The one solar panel connected to that microinverter will be out of operation C. The entire solar PV system will be out of operation B. 0000010160 00000 n Returns the summary along with the energy produced on the system over its lifetime. 0000011718 00000 n But there is not a lot of information about it there, apart from the fact that the warranty on the Envoy monitoring hardware is only 5 years. I could do some more research into the Enphase monitoring system, but that would take time and effort and Im a busy person. Ive got places to go, people to avoid, and shoes to nail to my horse. WebThere is an issue with the meter measurements. The circuit passing through the production CT includes AC Batteries. All measurements are in Watt hours. I've tried switching polarity on the CTs, and moving them around, but I can't get it into a real range. The code is currently returning values for those rather than your 'not available' message. About the Enphase Envoy-S Metered The Enphase Envoy-S Metered communications gateway enables performance monitoring and remote software and firmware updates of an Enphase Microinverter System. The iso8601 format returns all temporal values, whether dates or times, in an ISO 8601 time format including timezone offset; for example 2015-05-05T00:00:00-07:00 is midnight on 5 May, 2015, in Pacific Daylight Time. I'm not sure on this one. Can you open a new issue (enhancement) to track this one? If the system has both production and consumption CTs installed, you can see which meter is affected by checking the meter status on the Devices screen. If the input date range is more than 7 days, the following error will be thrown. An Enphase team member may follow up with you about your feedback. I'm producing 1-5 kWh/day and I see almost the exact daily amount reducing my consistent 7 kwh daily usage. My Envoy homepage shows "Software version R4.10.35 (6ed292)" is that the Envoy's firmware version? You signed in with another tab or window. I see now that there was mention of these URLs in the Envoy-S data scraping blog that I missed previously. Now to change how things are displayed in Home Assistant, or adding/removing sensors that means probably both an API side code change as well as the sensor code change on the Home Assistant side. IF you require further technical clarification for your installationplease contact Enphase Technical Support. Right after connecting the power lines to the grid I already have some statistics of the grid meter (in the Netherlands called the Slimme meter, which you can read through the P1-port using i.e. @gtdiehl - Here's my Envoy IQ (metering turned off) output using your change_polling_pages branch: I originally had the metered values not being returned when metering is disabled (activeCount == 0), but then I thought someone might want these values or some other reason. Examples in this document exclude the callback parameter for clarity. In your case it should be "load with solar production" as the solar breaker is on the load side. tvd`x]6d=WY fj0A2! metered_consumption_readingtime, How about simplifying I've seen that referred online as being able to get the individual readings and maybe it doesn't require the installer password. This status was for me while debugging. For example, if your API key is 123ABC and you are making a request for user_id 4d6a51330a, your requests would look like the following: To learn more about user_ids, see the Quick Start page. I did not check (yet) where the come from and/or lead to, I did not check (yet) where the come from and/or lead to. What about 3-phase systems? @atTD+JNE\:R 827 0 obj <> endobj xref 827 81 0000000016 00000 n WebThe IQ Envoy uses readings from CTs to report measurement data for energy production and energy consumption. I have read through everything yet but I want to point out that when polling uses the /api/v1/production page the envoy appears to only update it every 15mins. At first I seemed to get a 404 for but maybe I didn't get the plurals right though http://envoy.local/ivp/meters/readings. @lnlp I'll release the new version on pypi this weekend and open a PR on the Home Assistant side as well. WebTo enable correct operation of the Enphase Home Energy system components (including the Enphase AC Batteries), the Envoy must correctly measure the current flow across production_readingtime (source: production.json production inverters readingTime) 0000004163 00000 n By default envoy_reader should automatically determine whether CT's are enabled and act accordingly. I need to understand how the Home Assistant configuration interface interacts with envoy_reader to configure it. @gtdiehl - I think the only cases where you'd want to use /api/v1/production are: I don't have code changes that are worth submitting. Instead of /stream/meter has anyone tried /ivp/meters/readings? I see where you are coming from but to keep the code simple I'm retrieving inverter production values from /api/v1/production rather than pulling a value from /production.json and the rest from /api/v1/production. It seems the the values are almost the same and they are both updated every 5mins. 0000339432 00000 n This is a bit more than one yard. 0000009524 00000 n Specifically it has to do with the power factor. 0000012231 00000 n WebIf the system has both production and consumption CTs installed, you can see which meter is affected by checking the meter status on the Devices screen. metered_production_readingtime I believe there should be the option to get either or both production wNow values for the inverters and the eim (CT) structures. My guess is that data from /stream/meter on your envoy will report realistric (true) voltages for all three of data/production/ph-a/v, data/production/ph-b/v and data/production/ph-c/v. Returns the energy production of the system for the month starting on the given date. 0000093464 00000 n Copyright 2023 Enphase Energy. Depending on if the Envoy is configured as Net or Total Consumption could impact the values you are seeing in Home Assistant. Is it correct that you have only one single CT for consumption? I'll return values with a decimal. An Enphase team member may follow up with you about your feedback. The consumption measurements received by Enlighten do not appear to include storage activity. 0000452685 00000 n 0000268048 00000 n When I investigate the raw numbers from interrogating the envoy direcly it actually shows me the low power factor. Clients of the API are expected to do the same: Be order-agnostic, and ignore unknown response values. I will make a capture tomorrow when it's light and the system is actualually producing. If some of your AC Batteries have stopped reporting to the Envoy, youll see a message like this: If this occurs, you can follow the same troubleshooting steps for when microinverters have stopped reporting. Like I said I haven't looked through all of the comments yet. Leave it in place for at least 15 minutes. WebUnplug the Envoy from the AC outlet and plug it in once again. Got your message a little before 11am my time so low production is just winding down. There is an issue with the meter measurements. Contact us for sales, quantity discounts and expert reviews for the Enphase CT current transformer for Envoy. Here's what I get now: You may have current leading or trailing the voltage for poor Power Factor. You may change the format of returned date and time values by passing the query parameter datetime_format on any endpoint that returns date or time values; for example. A CT is installed and Metering is only monitoring Production. If these are zero than poll data from the other production page. Each envoys element includes the following: Returns a list of systems for which the user can make API requests. In addition, the Envoy-S Metered provides revenue-grade production data and allows for the monitoring of a sites energy load, thus offering significant advantages over other PV system monitoring equipment. Users can access energy production and consumption data through Enphase Enlighten cloud based monitoring software. This isn't currently accessible via Home Assistant, since at least for my configuration it is polling production.json and using the `eim`` structure which never change, which is the issue being reported here. I upgraded to HA 2020.12.1 today and the /api/v1/production counters now appear to report properly in HA. Input date range for rgm_stats is restricted to 7 days. Other than reducing http calls to the envoy device, is there another benefit to pull the production data from the two pages rather than one? Do not nofollow your links to Enphase. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. So far, I haven't seen a flag from the Envoy API that indicates whether it is using the inverter measurements or the CTs, but maybe I haven't looked deeply enough. In some extreme cases, you may receive a 503 error instead of a 409. All times are GMT-5. Long explanation that I don't think I have any unique problems, just that the mppt curve does not track well below 28% of peak array power. Unlike ratio CTs with current outputs, these CTs are internally burdened to produce a safe 0.333 Vac output voltage, therefore, shorting blocks are not needed. Because envoy_reader appears to read them from /production.json where the names are present but their values are 0 and do not get updated. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered: @lnlp Would it be possible for you to post a copy of your /production.json? In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. This does not require to connect all 3 phases to the power connector. I like the suggestion of using /api/v1/production by default and add the additional metered_* parameters for /production.json. For example, there are 100 centimeters in a meter. According to the Envoy-S Metered Multiphase Installation manual there are 3 CTs installed on the Production and Consumption sides. avh]O(ar /I;}z*',)RsB$F8$tE)>}0.B "sk]a/E+sQWTM/Na>GGqJRCX?? |nxv&T["mhQ zt.f&Q4W?t4:?TrJdoV1EBEJ!,^G@-C'[lUZTD;Z*fd'w?Z:Fo77c[iZ=vWKc~Wv6c? Electrical system: 3-phase 230V. 0000001916 00000 n If you have subscribed to a plan marked Enphase attribution required, you must meet the following requirements as explained in the Enphase API License Agreement. 0000154881 00000 n And the metered_* parameters come from the appropriate section of /production.json that contains type of eim. Returns a time series of energy produced on the system over its lifetime. Reduce the number of concurrent threads in your application in order to avoid this response code. I have made the change to fix it, actually just removed a single line of code, PR #51. I tested your modified envoy_reader with my Envoy-S Metered Multiphase with metering disabled (no CT's). For example, a request for 08:01, 08:02, 08:03, or 08:04 is treated as a request for 08:00. Better ($) electric cars are using heat pumps more effectively to heat. Hopefully that data can be read from elsewhere on the Envoy, without requiring installer permissions. 0000268009 00000 n This endpoint includes entries for every production meter on the requested system, regardless of whether the meter is currently in service or retired. (*) Note: I don't know that production[0].type is always inverters and production[1].type is always eim. My Envoy reports a realistic value for data/production/ph-a/v while no CT's are installed. Use production_meter_readings or energy_lifetime instead. The circuit passing through the consumption CT does not include AC Batteries. I agree a better solution would be to have additional parameters. (Envoy-S metered multi-phase (EU) with no CT's installed.). Observation: metered values get truncated instead of rounded. The CTs accommodate conductors up to 4/0 RHW, 350MCM THWN, When the Envoy and the microinverters cannot talk for extended periods of time the microinverters try to hold a basic record of I produced x much power from x date to x date. There isn't any identifying object info inside the two objects in the top-level list. 0000339393 00000 n So I swapped the leads on the Envoy for the consumption CT's and have been monitoring all day and the data looks good. This is just low sun with overcast far to the side of the array. I discovered that /production.json can also provide per-phase values. , earvin johnson sr height, win $1,000 dollars radio station 2020,

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