Add a little vertical flair to your dining experience with fast, simple, and delicious homemade Sushi Towers! Impress your family, friends and your own appetite as you explore your culinary artistic side with your own unique creations. Your dining audience will thank you for a delectable experience they won’t soon forget. The Sushi Tower kit includes state-of-the-art sushi grade stainless steel components for safe, healthy, and tasty towers.


“My favorite recipe is the one I created myself!”


Never be intimidated by sushi again! Elevate your at-home sushi dining experience with simple, yet exotic Sushi Tower recipes that the whole family will love. The Sushi Tower kit provides everything you need to create colossal “Party Towers” to be shared by everyone or elegant “Personal Towers” for a more intimate setting. Either way, you can bring the taste and experience of a high-end sushi restaurant into your own home and create edible art in minutes.

“I made my own Tower in 3 minutes!  I ate it even faster!”

-Kaitlin, Age 6


Traditionally, it takes 10 years to become a sushi chef. This career path begins by becoming an apprentice to an established sushi master. In the beginning, the apprentice performs menial jobs and over time learns various sushi preparation techniques. In order to become a full-fledged sushi chef, a person must dedicate years to mastering all of the various techniques of making handmade sushi. You can create sushi in less than 3 minutes!


Eating sushi is only half the fun. Now you can enjoy designing your own sushi creations with the one you love and then spend a romantic evening together devouring one another’s creations for the ultimate date night.



Kids love sushi. Kids love to build things. Picture the joy in your child’s eyes as their imaginations run wild, stacking fresh and healthy ingredients into a creative masterpiece moments before eating it.

“It’s Official, Everyone loves Sushi Towers”


•  4”x 4” Stainless Steel Party Tower
•  3”x 2” Stainless Steel Personal Tower
•  The Art of Elevated Sushi Recipe Book
•  Convenient Storage Box
•  Hundreds of Recipes, Videos, Photos
•  Social Network of Sushi Artists
•  Online Products & Ingredients
•  Discounts, Coupons, Other Offers
•  Free Gift Included!

 “I LOVE my Sushi Tower and I like that I’m helping to protect our oceans”


We donate a portion of all SUSHI TOWER proceeds to:

The BLUE TOWER FOUNDATION, a non-profit organization committed to clean, sustainable, and plastic-free oceans.  Working together we can all be part of something important as we make a difference in the worldwide effort to protect our oceans.

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